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The 7th Heaven Experience

"Home of Wellingtons Professional Companions."


Aims to provide efficient and secure access to Professional Companions and their Professional Companion Services, online and over the phone via our Professional Booking Agency Service. 

We offer access primarily to quality Professional Companions providing services in the Adult Entertainment Industry here in Wellington, NZ.

7th Heaven Wellington Professional Companions provide Professional Services on the areas of Dating, Therapeutic and Sensual Massage, Physical Intimacy and Professional Companionship experiences.

Whether social or romantic or something more private and intimate, Professional Companions have you covered.

At 7th Heaven Wellington we provide access to a wide range of diverse and sophisticated individuals.

Each of the Professional Companions is excited to share their unique personalities, expertise and experience with you.

Professional Companions offer both personal and discretionary services, and pride themselves on providing captivating yet tasteful experiences to our valued clientele.


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Fernando, our straight male companion, has extensive experience in the areas of dating, sensual massage and physical intimacy. No matter the woman, Fernando has the unique ability of making every encounter a memorable and unforgettable one.


Sensuality and a standing ovation are guaranteed when Katya performs. This Sensual Goddess is highly experienced to see for, Sensual, Tantric and Therapeutic massage. She is also wonderful accompaniment to your next function or  romantic rendezvous. Her talent, passion and enthusiasm will ensure you have an unforgettable time.


Our Bi Sexual Male Kauri, has extensive experience performing for both male and female clientele. Strong, well built yet tender, Kauri has the unique ability to make every engagement a pleasurable one.


Tall, Regal and Sophisticated Anastasia's  attention to detail is guaranteed, and we guarantee all eyes will be on you when Anastasia enters the room. She is the  perfect companion to help you capture everyone else's attention. Whether as accompaniment for business or pleasure, her talent and enthusiasm will ensure you, and others, remember her.


Dane is a gifted, straight, gentleman and professional companion who adds an original flavor to each and every encounter. Dane is able to participate for all sorts of occasions, drawing his extensive experience in travel – he has his own unique sense of style and charm unique to him.


Gentlemen, have we got the Lady for you, this Woman is the epitome of what it means to be a Professional Female Companion. There are plenty of women in the world, but we assure you, none of them are anything like the Wonderful, Claudia.Classy, Sophisticated, Elegant, Stylish and Beautiful, this gentleman, is a Woman you will not forget!


With sparkling dark eyes, jet black hair, a crystal bright smile, sensuous lips and golden bronze skin, have we got just the companion for you. 

Gentlemen, we introduce to you Alessandro. 

Athletic, muscular, full of energy, and of a strong medium build, our companion Alessandro raised in California is part Spanish and Part Middle eastern background, an exotic flower to say the least.   

Don't hesitate, call now to make a booking, Alessandro is waiting for you...

Jackson Daniels

Ladies if your looking for a man that will woo you with his silver tongue, then by all means Jackson Daniels is the gentleman for you. He is the perfect charmer to accompany you to attend social functions and go on dates with. His ability to charm and make people laugh will ensure you have an unforgettable and enjoyable time together.

 Alize Young

Sensual, seductive and well versed in the arts of love and pleasure making, Alize Young is a Professional Pride Companion with unrivaled experience when it comes to helping to heal others that have suffered from the effects of heartbreak, heartache, loss and depression. Seeing Professional Companionship as more then just a physical service, Alize uses the healing arts of love, tenderness and compassion to help heal broken hearts, minds and souls, to help heal the psyche, undo the damage and psychologically help equip clients with the tools necessary to help them move on and learn to love themselves again. A session with Alize, even a moment, is worth all the time in the world.

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Professional Companion Services


7th Heaven Wellington Services

Our Professional Services

As an independent Professional Companion Booking Agency, our services are designed to ensure Professional Companions receive the best possible deals and exposure. For full details about their services or to book in with a Professional Companion, feel free to speak to one of our agents directly.

Coffee Date


Hire a companion to accompany you for your next social or romantic appointment or engagement.

7th Heaven Wellington helps book the best companions, connecting clients with the best professional companions.

Contact us to find out more.


The rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with hands, to help relieve stress and tension.

At 7th Heaven Wellington, we take pride in the exceptional and personalized services Professional Companions offer to all of our clients, including in the areas of Therapeutic, Sensual and Tantric massage.

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Physical ntimacy, familiarity or friendship in a private or relaxed atmosphere.

We take care of all client engagement issues, leaving Professional Companions free to concentrate on providing nothing but the the best services.


Book A Service

  • Accompaniment to social or romantic appointments and/or engagements.

    190 New Zealand dollars
  • A social or romantic appointment including physical intimacy

    410 New Zealand dollars
  • Two Companions for social or romantic appointments and/or engagements.

    330 New Zealand dollars
  • Two companions: including physical intimacy

    770 New Zealand dollars
  • Sensual rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body

    140 New Zealand dollars
  • Sensual rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body

    190 New Zealand dollars
  • Sensual rubbing and kneading of the body + sexual intimacy

    330 New Zealand dollars
  • Familiarity, friendship, and sexual intimacy and/or intercourse

    330 New Zealand dollars
  • Two companions including physical intimacy

    490 New Zealand dollars
  • Two Companions including physical intimacy

    490 New Zealand dollars
  • An overnight experience with the companion of your choice.

    1,700 New Zealand dollars
Romantic Sunset

About Us

We are currently in the process of discovering new companions to join us, nurturing them and their unique identities while working with them to help them achieve sustainable success. 

We work with diverse companions from across the globe and spectrum, to provide a unique service for companionship bookings and intimate experiences.

For more information, please get in touch.

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