Our Standards and Expectations

Our companions are always well groomed, dressed and well mannered: it would be unfair if we did not expect the same from you. 

It is our aim to connect you with companions where genuine feelings of mutual enjoyment are likely to occur. 

If you treat our companions well, then you will get treated well by us and them in return.

Respect goes far and if we feel as though you do not show this when we are coordinating with you, we will know that we can not trust you to show respect to your date.

Please be neatly groomed and good with your personal hygiene, and do not greet our companions heavily intoxicated and under the influence of substances. 

We expect payment to be made at the beginning of your time together, and not doing so can be very awkward. 

Your date does not want to have to ask, so please do not put them in that position.

Our companions do not offer any unprotected services, so please do not ask. 

Offering them a large amount of money will not change their mind and if you persist in asking, they will leave.

Finally, while discretion is important to you, likewise, it also matters to your date. 

When greeting in a public setting, a polite kiss on the cheek is ideal and payment should wait until you are in private or should done in a discreet manner.

We very seldom come across any issues. 

We have and will turn away clients if we feel that its necessary. 

We want our companions to enjoy your company just as much as you enjoy theirs. 

This mutual pleasure that we strive for is what we believe to be the substance of what makes a good companionship experience.

Once again, if you treat our companions well, you will be treated well by us and them in return.


From the Source

"Everyone deserves to feel loved, looked after and cared for - that's where we come in, were here to help you find a little bit of paradise and peace of mind, the best way we know how."

Morgan Spooner - Hokianga: Director, 7th Heaven Wellington


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Make direct inquiries about our companions availability and any questions you may have here before you book in with them for their services.


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